Simple tool to create setup packages

Excelsior Delivery is a tool to create professional and compact installers for Windows applications with minimum efforts.

Free for evaluation and non-commercial use

Easy to use

Excelsior Delivery is optimized to be as easy to use as possible.

It provides a wizard-style interface that guides you through the packaging process. The wizard suggests a rich set of reasonable default parameter values and requires only a few items to be filled in manually. In the best case scenario you will need just two mouse clicks to create an installation package without running packaging wizard at all.

Fits the Internet

Setup packages are produced in the form of self-installing EXE files, which is most convenient for Internet distribution. Good data compression and small installer overhead in the package allows you to avoid using additional compression software for your code and data.

Supports multiple languages

One package supports multiple installation interface languages. The language for your user is selected automatically, based on their computer settings.

English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese translations are already included. We can help to add more if necessary.

Free for non-commercial use

Free evaluation version of the Excelsior Delivery has no time restrictions, supports full functionality of the commercial version, except branding of installation dialogs, and comes with the license that allows free non-commercial use.

If you need completely free product, check our Excelsior Installer.

What's next?

See screenshots, read about features, or better download and try.

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