Create setup packages
in a matter of minutes

Free software for people who need an easy way to make high-quality and convenient installers for Windows applications. Building a setup package requires only a few minutes to learn and just two clicks of your mouse.

Easy to use

You make an installer to simplify life for your user, but what about for you?

First and foremost, ease of use is what we are trying to achieve. Excelsior Installer provides a wizard-style interface that guides you through setup making process. The wizard assigns reasonable defaults for most of the project settings and requires only a few items to be filled in manually. In the best case scenario, you will need just two mouse clicks to create an installation package without running packaging wizard at all.

Fits the Internet

Excelsior Installer produces setup packages in the form of single EXE files, which makes it possible to start installation from within the browser in just a couple of clicks.

Good data compression and small installer overhead in the package allow you to avoid using additional compression software.

Built-in MD5 hash package protection can warn your user about changes in the package that were not authorized by you.

Easy to migrate

In addition to own package format, Excelsior Installer can produce complete scripts set that is necessary to build your installer with NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Installation System). You may also run NSIS compiler from within the Packager, so it is possible to use it as GUI wizard for NSIS, but our main goal was to give you an easy way to migrate if your needs will extend beyond the capabilities of our product in the future. We hate vendors lock-ins just as you do.

Native speaker for everybody

One package supports multiple installation interface languages.

The language for your user is selected automatically, based on their computer settings.

English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese translations are available from the box, and we can help to add more if necessary.

What's next?

See screenshots, read about features or better download and try. And use if you like it, it's free.

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