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Technical Support

We appreciate all messages about bugs and problems with our products. We tend to fix everything we know to each release or update. We are not able to publish an update for each bug fix.


If something goes wrong and documentation don't help then try to search the answer in our forum. Ask a question if the search didn't help, we'll try to answer as soon as we can.

Welcome to report a bug via forum too.

We'd appreciate if you answer somebody there if you know how to help.

Bug reports

To send us a bug report, fill in respective form on this site. E-mail is also acceptable though less reliable due to spam filters etc. Our address is: "support at excelsior dash usa dot com".

Feature requests

Most of new features in our latest releases are implemented on requests of our customers.

Feature requests which are not implemented yet are published here and you are invited to vote for those you like.

Of course welcome to post your feature request too. Send it to support e-mail address given above, or fill-in respective form.


If you need a locale that we do not support, and you are familiar with this language then consider helping us with the transation.


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